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Milan six in the evening local time on June 21, PRADA 2016 spring and summer men's big show kicked off, extending the season with paragraph Women also released practice, PRADA women's 2016 spring series also will be released together. Miuccia Prada will look on the vastness of space, the show is arranged very futuristic spaceship looks like, once again presents avant-garde fashion new style. Unlike these space travelers are scientists, like a group of bards, with PRADA usual literary temperament, melancholy and delicate. Interspersed in men's PRADA women demonstrated in early spring 2016 series also wonderful, stitching, printing, stripes, foes real wear seductive. Chinese ladies Wan baby wearing PRADA 2015 early autumn series of decorative bow blouse, skirt with black tassel antique appearance front row view of the show. Chest folds very particular, is deliberately creating a suitcase just returned from a trip taken lazy, casual style. Wear earrings are from ao Bao Wan Fine Jewelry Aquarius. Then take a look in the eyes of Miuccia fashionable passenger space, it is what it looks like. Miuccia Prada this season the main push prints are rabbits, eyes and rockets. Eyes on behalf of the desire for space exploration, rocket goes without saying that the power of nature is flying stars, ubiquitous rabbit is very interesting, and the rabbit is probably related to him. Spacesuit has a new expression in the 2016 spring and summer series. Miuccia silhouette simplify the cumbersome, leaving the handsome uniform appearance. The models show floor looks like the upcoming space mission rushed, full of valiant while PRADA released in early spring 2016 women's series, Miuccia of material control again generous glory. Classic "flake filled" This time came back into shiny silver jacket, avant-garde, but not obtrusive. Serpentine and cotton, scales and patent leather are combined together, incredible and beautiful. PRADA spacecraft Rangers chasing the pace of fashion is not hard, because they do not wear high heels. PRADA new season footwear full debut in flat posture, the models also go very easily. Made a pointed look adds a modern sense. Also in the limelight Versace show floor stockings, Prada here was also not weak. Maybe next year the spring and summer, you should also go out with stockings with shorts. Little bunny jumping on the light blue sweater, warm male and literature. Big eyes watching you in the past, present and future. Space travel guide from Miuccia, when the pale meat male model wearing small spacecraft and rockets into space with you, there is nothing more wonderful than this it! Like the stars and the sky is really fascinating!

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